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giant coats

it’s coming back round to winter already, time to get the giant coats and wooly scarfs out again

another piece for the ‘all thumbs’ collection

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giant coats


1 Andy | on 07 November 2011

This is cool; very reminiscent of illustrator David Shrigley.

2 Hayley Buckle | on 08 November 2011

Really cute.

3 GeorgeYarnton | on 09 November 2011

great simplicity

4 Holly | on 09 November 2011

I like Mr thumb man, he reminds me of snow and warmth all at the same time. Very clever, yet beautifully simple. Can I keep him please?

5 Sarah H | on 09 November 2011

Thanks everyone and Holly you are welcome to, he could probably fit in your pocket to be carried around for many adventures : )

6 emmanuel | on 09 November 2011

Unique style. I like it!

7 Daisy Jones | on 20 November 2011

I loved writing about this for the ShowOff reviews - it’s just so cute! smile

8 Sarah H | on 21 November 2011

Just checked out the new issue yesterday, thank you for the review! it was a lovely surprise smile

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