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I went on holiday to Cuba a few years ago… and I wrote this to encapsulate what it meant to me smile

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The streets whisper of long ago;
The burnt-orange evening creates a sense,
A sense of possibility.
A cafe. Laughter.
Cheap, but satisfying mojitos and food.
Painted lips, dresses worn and re-worn;
But never forgotten.
Cigars below moustache topped lips.
Shirt buttons undone.
Golden skin; dew drops of sweat swiped from a brow.
Suffering and happiness,
Etched onto every face.
Music. Clapping. Tip-tapping toes.


1 Michael | on 10 November 2011

This is vivid. Excellent evocative imagery. I love the use of ‘felicidad’ to capture the essence, and there is a hint of Neruda. Keep writing smile

2 frannn. | on 16 November 2011

Thank you so much, your comments are really valued! Neruda is fantastic, that’s amazing smile

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