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IP1 Issue 40 Out Now!

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IP1 Issue 40 Out Now!

The new issue of IP1 magazine is out today, featuring loads of rubbish content that you’re not going to want to read.

(Stuff like battle rapping, indie music labels, listings, art and illustration.)

Thousands of copies are being circulated across the county as we write, but

we strongly advise you not to pick up a copy

as you’re not going to like it.

In an act of total futility we also uploaded the new issue online.

How stupid of us!


1 frannn. | on 24 November 2011

I just wanted to say, thank you so much for the review! I loved it! smile x

2 Howard | on 25 November 2011

you’re welcome frannn, it’s a good poem, we all liked it here. keep uploading, we’d love to read more.

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