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Clothes; so disgracefully strewn on the floor.
But as you’re lying there covered in skin and sheet
and you’re all wrapped up in your lovers arms,
you fail to notice me standing at the door,
watching you revel in your deceit.

I should have known you’d fall for such charms.
Such suited and booted and briefcased appeal
which had now been shed, discarded in passion,
and now you both slither over each other.
A pant, a moan, a groan, a squeal

and when you noticed me; no compassion.
Which is when I realised, there had been many another.
To be completely honest with you,
when you extracted yourself from arms and sheet
and came at me with mock surprise and regret

I decided against telling you what is true,
And even when you knelt at my feet
I let you carry on this charade, I let you fret.
As I turned and left, I smiled a smug smile,
because, what I had come there to do,

well, I’d come to tell you that for a while…
I’d been indulging with someone else too.


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