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Are You Having a Laugh??

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Are You Having a Laugh??

Everybody knows that Kai is the hottest place to be on a Friday night. And why shouldn’t it be? With recent Flirt! themes such as 999 and Chocolate Party and even more to come, Kai ensures that the students at UCS start their nights out with a bang. Still, we all have those nights when you just feel like chilling out with your mates and having a laugh- perhaps your feet still hurt a little too much from those high heels or maybe your hangover hasn’t quite gone away yet? Not to worry. Kai has something for you. You may remember it from Welcome Week where it was massively successful; Ladies and Gentlemen…. Kai Comedy Club!
There is no need to panic about the prices. Kai knows how broke students are. For students the price is £2 and the price for non-students is £3, so don’t worry too much if you forget your student card. The night will consist of three comedians and is hosted by a MC who also has a short slot at the beginning and in between acts. Each act lasts for twenty minutes and there is an interval for that all-important pint. The three acts have been selected for their different comic style, so worry not; you won’t be listening to an embarrassing silence all night. And don’t forget to keep your ears open; you might get a heads-up on some amazing offers on drinks! Because what’s a good night without a few good ales?
Just remember, the success of this great night is all down to YOU! The more you enjoy it and the bigger response we get, the more likely it will happen again! Every great night out planned is done with you in mind so make the most of them! Remember, there’s only a few years left until the real world!


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