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The Swimmer

A short film about a mans passion for swimming in the ocean expressed through a poem.

“The Swimmer took a week to polish in terms of editing and creating the music and recording the narration. I wrote it in a day as the idea soon came together after looking through the footage I could use. Mixing the sound was an issue and became the longest part of the process, not something I’m particularly knowledgable about. It’s still not perfect but it gets the point over. The idea came together through a documentary I watched on the Japan tsunami and it included some incredible footage. Whilst watching the documentary I ended up thinking about the power of the ocean and how unpredictable it can be. Initially, and from the footage, you simply couldn’t tell that a tsunami was on its way. The water just suddenly rises and over spills onto the streets and then seems to gain a mass amount of speed and volume From this I then came up with a swimmer who knew the dangers but looked upon it as something of a miracle to be able to be one with such an unpredictable and mass power as the sea. I wanted to tell people that it’s ok to go back into the sea. I wrote the poem based on that passion of swimming in the ocean. The freedom and the simple love of the water, the sport, the freedom and the power: like it’s a gift or blessing to be able to do such a thing or be a part of it.”
- Simon Banthorpe

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