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I had been inspired by the work of David Hockney during the time of him being involved with photography. His method was different to mine. I believe he printed his work first then put the bits and pieces together to make his final piece. With digital things are a little easier to grid, cut and paste which has been my method.

I think Hockney wanted to capture every aspect of the picture that was in front of him with different angles and distance. I want to do a similar thing but with this test piece I felt as though capturing the movement or action was more important, looking at just how much action we take in the smallest of things.

In this collage, the piece starts off with me yawning and stretching. I then draw the left curtain back and then open the blinds. After that I draw the right curtain back and then walk away. It was more about getting the movement of the curtains from dark room to light room.

I’m looking to do more of this sort of thing. Not necessarily with movement but with idea of Hockney’s work in mind. This one was just a test (it’s out of focus here and there) but I like it all the same.

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1 Sophie Dorrell | on 10 August 2012

Just studied Hockney in Photography at Sixth Form, this is an utterly fantastic adaptation of his work. The varying levels of focus really make it interesting to look at. Very impressed!

2 Simon Banthorpe | on 04 September 2012

@SophieDorrell - Many thanks Sophie, really appreciate it. Yeah the out of focus parts weren’t deliberate, just a bit hard to focus when you’re a one man band raspberry

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