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After my first week at my new college i found the inspiration to write this poem. it simply sums up my feelings towards, well, douche-bags

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Douche-bags make me angry,
Douche-bags make me mad,
When I see what happened to the human race,
Douche-bags make me sad.

I see them in their flat peaks,
Their hoodie’s buttoned once,
But then I see the ass low trousers,
That make e’m look like c****.

They show no one respect,
The woman, or the old, 
No human could ever be as great,
As the mirror image, they behold.

These douche-bags that infest our age,
Are growing ever stronger,
They are the new age Nazi force,
Where difference is no longer.


1 frannn. | on 13 June 2012

This couldn’t be any closer to reality if it tried. I love it!

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