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The death of music

One of my many concerns for this world is that of the seemingly degrading quality of the music that our generation is becoming addicted to. so i wrote this poem to express my opinion.

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The death of music

Give me metal,
Give me rock,
But don’t you dare,
Ever give me pop.

The noise makes me mad
Whenever it punishes my ears
It’s never just bad
It is one of my fears

This ever spreading disease
That destroys our futures minds
With a message of “money” and care-bear love
It rips up sanity and spreads the ashes of common sense

Dime-bag spits, Dio doth turn
The music these days has so much to learn
Ga-ga, eat knife, Brittany please burn
The lyrical effluence is no longer, just, a concern


1 Hayley Buckle | on 01 March 2012

Completely dig this!

2 Ian Drake | on 13 April 2012

Thank you, i’m glad i’m not alone :D

3 Daisy Jones | on 07 May 2012

Ah, I know what you’re saying! Love this!

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