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Social networking emos’

one thing that really annoys me about my generation is that young children are seemingly becoming more and more depressed and for reasons that are far beyond their years

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Social networking emos’

We are in an age of technological connections; an age where anyone in the world could talk to anyone they wish about anything they would ever want to, granted they have access to a computing device and an Internet port, which these days is around 1.5 billion people, a quarter of the world population.
With the amazing amount of information and possibilities at hand to us, the youth of today, we could inspire people to help change the world, find new ways of helping people in far off countries or even learn new things that at one point in history were considered witchcraft. Do we do that… no, instead the majority of teens on the web decide to bitch, moan, recite pointless lyrics and make inspiring (though stolen) quotes in hopes of getting a slither of attention.
All the crying seems to originate from social networks, a place where you are supposed to share pictures, stories and events with friends and relatives but instead of being hubs of joy, sunshine and lollipops they have turned into dark, dank crevices of hate, dejection and depression.
The biggest of the social networks is Facebook, with an estimated 630 million users, I, being one of them and I am sure that there is a rather large chance that anyone reading this is also a part of the growing Facebook family.
I understand that not everyone on a social network is out to make their supposed friends aware that “when you left, my heart broke away from my chest” or that” Johnny is a great big dick”. No, I believe that this is a minority; the problem is that it seems to be growing like a disease, infecting usually happy teens and turning them into self involved, moronic, dip-shits!
Another thing that annoys me about social network Emo’s is that they appear to be getting younger and more retarded. Children and I literally mean children are moaning about problems in their life that to a suicidal man would be pathetic.
I honestly think this shows a decline in common intelligence. In previous years men and woman would sort their problems out with common sense and maybe a little help from a friend.
The older generation of my family would never dream of whining about a problem to all their friends, it’s embarrassing, poignant and damn well selfish. If you have a problem sort it out yourself don’t bring your “friends” down with you, if you need advice by all means ask but don’t hide away a minor problem behind some mystical and most of the time hypocritical piece of bullshit you found online and try to pass it off as your own. And for the love of god if some poor sap decides to ask you what’s wrong never and I mean never reply “nothing”.
So finally, all I can say to the blatant abuse of power and knowledge given to us all to become smarter, happier and more understanding people are…
Cheer the fuck up Internet


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