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In my opinion the justice system in this country is a joke. I believe that a man should be allowed to protect his own when they are in danger and when i hear stories of people being sent to jail for self defense it makes me extremely frustrated. i express these frustrations in this poem.

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The man walked home from the pub one night,
The streets were barren, not a person in sight.
Alone he walked with thoughts of the day,
Forever he worked; this was his one night of play.

A simple man with a job; nine to five,
And a flat that he shared with his kind, loving wife.
Many called him frightening, scary and weird,
He was really a gentle man with a long black beard.
From around the corner the man heard a scream,
The likes of which are heard only in dreams.
A girl maybe twenty was being attacked,
By two hooded men, who held a knife to her back.

“Scum of the earth” he though to himself,
So he leapt at the men with no thought for his health.
Kicking and punching he defended the girl,
Smacked one so hard he began to hurl.

“Thank you” she exclaimed again and again,
A kiss on his cheek took away all his pain.
Two ways they both went, but each going home,
The mans pride overwhelmed him like a dog with a bone.

Two knocks struck his door early next morning,
Who should it be but the police, with no warning.
They arrested the man on the spot in his slippers,
For aggravated assault and smacking a nipper.

One week later the man took the stand,
The girl’s attacker with black eyes and broken hands.
Only thirteen years old, the man didn’t know,
But was sentenced to three years in prison even so.

So for saving a life and doing a good thing,
He was shoved in a cage with a killer in D wing.
The system has failed, justice is blind,
The bad are treated well and shit on the kind.


1 frannn. | on 06 March 2012

I love this - it speaks volumes and I agree with every word smile

2 Ian Drake | on 13 April 2012

Thanks, its just a shame things like this are actually happening.

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