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1 joel | on 28 January 2009

oooooooooooohhhhh i like….....great vocals.
i like it when the guitar gets faster/skippy.

2 hcf(: | on 29 January 2009

woah. wow. woah wow woah wow woah. i realllllyy like this ! (: the vocals are amazing, guitar was amazing and i like the ending. i’ve listened to it like 27462927649103745 times now and i still love it wink goood work y’all

3 digifcker | on 01 February 2009

really good, sounds a bit like florence and the machine

4 Truth | on 03 February 2009

wow..the girl can sing!

5 Gully Regiment | on 09 February 2009


6 noaddedsugar | on 09 February 2009

thanks guysss

7 generalsoulfly | on 13 February 2009


8 m.e.g. | on 31 March 2009

like it guys smile

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