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Cellar Door feat. Beeba / “Sense Of Soul”

Cellar Door feat. Beeba bring you “Sense Of Soul”. A new trip hop track taken from the album “Signs and Wonders” being released later in the year.

Video was made by Simon Banthorpe

Cellar Door on SoundCloud:
Cellar Door on Facebook:
Beeba on SoundCloud:

The “Sense Of Soul” track is used with permission from the owner, for this music video.

All Vietnam War footage comes from public domain source.
Fonts and graphics are from various sources throughout the art industry and they will be linked to this video as a thank you. If I miss thanking anyone, I apologise but do please note the bottom statement.

This video is independent and is not being used for financial gain.

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1 Deadpoole | on 21 March 2012

This is amazing!! A brilliant video that adds to the emotional depth of the track. Great job gentlemen

2 Simon Banthorpe | on 22 March 2012

@Deadpoole Cheers dude! Much appreciated smile

3 Cellar Door | on 25 March 2012

cheers man

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