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Two Geodesic Journeys

This film was created for my Constructing Narratives brief studying Photography at UCS. My narrative shows a film of two journeys simultaneously. One film is by French artist Claude Lelouch, called C’était un Rendez-vous, which shows a high speed car journey through the streets of Paris. By mathematically finding his starting point and his destination on a map on Paris, I worked out the ‘geodesic distance’ (or the straight line from A to B as the crow flies) and theoretically lifted this line up, positioned it over a map of Ipswich, and laid it down again, with the line starting at my flat. Thus this line gave me my own destination.

The aim of this film is to show the extent of visual similarities and differences of two separate journeys, although they are informed by the same geodesic line.

I used a video camera mounted to my car bonnet to film my half of the film, and digitally layered that on top of Lelouch’s film to produce the moving double exposure effect.

Decide for yourself, do Paris and Ipswich appear similar or different during the film ? When do the films merge seamlessly and when can you clearly tell each place apart ? Feedback greatly appreciated.

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