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Fundraising for Raleigh International

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Fundraising for Raleigh International

Hey there. My name is Patrick Scott, and currently I’m a writer at IP1. In late July/August i will be taking part in a 5 week expedition to India as part of the Raleigh organisation, providing invaluable work and making a long-term difference to some of the most deprived areas of the country.

Raleigh is a multinational charity organisation, who are based primarily in the UK, India, Borneo and Costa Rica & Nicaragua. The work I will be doing on my expedition includes improving the damaged infrastructure of remote Indian villages-Government policies to protect reserved forests in India has led to the displacement and relocation of entire communities, resulting in many living well below the poverty line and without proper housing. As a volunteer for Raleigh, I will be camping in these areas and working alongside local families and a team of masons to improve housing, as well as helping to improve sanitation and sustainable agriculture.

Raleigh is a charity, and therefore their work is based on the donations they receive. By donating, you will be supporting the development of some of the poorest areas of India, as well as contributing to Raleigh’s work in Borneo, Nicaruga and Costa Rica. Raleigh has a permenant presence in these countries, which means that it is easier to plan and monitor worthwile projects and expedition work can easily be followed up. As well as this, donations to Raleigh also go towards their work with disadvantaged young people in the UK.

Any donations at would be appreciated, and more information on Raleigh can be found on this page or on their homepage at For a.ny updates on my fundraising exploits, you can follow me on twitter @patrickjcscott smile


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