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Come in - Rosh - released on Housefly records

Housefly Records are excited to present “Rosh - Blue Murder”

It is very rare that I find a Talent that makes me gush…

This lad is brimming with talent and with out doubt has the talent to be BIG..massive…if fact if I’m honest I’m not sure why he isn’t already….. (see gush gush!!)

His vocal style sets him apart from those idiot Dot Rotten/Dizzie rascal copy cat wannabes and at times his rhymes border on genius

For this is a EP Rosh not only rights his own beats he teams up with some very talented producers this EP features the likes of OdotZed….Optimistic… and ECKS…. this EP will truly make you all feel the way I do…

Blue Murder is Available to Download Now FREE check us out at to get all 13 tracks

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1 Howard | on 19 April 2012

this is fantastic. where is rosh from?

2 HouseflyRecords | on 20 April 2012

Rosh is from the Wirral ...but we’re based here in Ipswich

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