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Now we are blind

Collaboration between myself and fine artist Jevan Watkins Jones. Production of two works; You are behind you, a projection installation, and Now we are blind, a series of mirror and found photograph sculptures.

“We are dealing with what we have termed original perfunctory sight, that being outside imaginary sight, which Giuseepe Penone stated as ‘inner vision’¹, and ‘forward vision’ as Alberto Giacometti was said to possess². We place these works as situations outside the experience of sight in order to deal with the reality of retinal vision, thus separating what is seen as past and the matter of body as present.

‘You are behind you’ through proposition presents us simply with a past image of ourselves whilst ‘Now we are blind’ teases us with the notion that seeing is not current. In both situations the body of the viewer in actuality is set apart from retrospective image as a reality of sight.”

Artist’s Statement
Tom John Rose
Jevan Watkins Jones

¹ Giuseppe Penone, Artist’s Statement 1977, excerpted from C. Christov-Bakargie (1999) Arte Povera.Phaidon Press.
² Paola Carola in interview with Cristina Carrillo De Albornoz on

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Now we are blind


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