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Have you heard of my journey?

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Have you heard of my journey?

Have you heard of my journey?
Has it come to your ears?
About my torment and struggles
The danger and tears.

I’m searching for somewhere
So this hiding can cease
When through shadows of persecution
I can begin to glimpse peace.

Gone, those who loved me
In that place I called home
So I fled to survive
But feel desperately alone.

I am tired, need rest
In an unthreatening place
Please give me without fear
A smile from your face.

Our language so different
Yet our hearts beat the same
Maybe your space feels invaded?
As we play waiting games.

I just long now, to be safe
Escape the nightmares in my mind.
Have sleep without motion
Leave this terror behind.

You have now heard of my journey
Now it’s come to your ears
Can this town be my sanctuary?
From my heartache and fears.

Elaine Coltham


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