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REVIEW: Sh!t Theatre’s JSA!

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REVIEW: Sh!t Theatre’s JSA!

Suffolk based Sh!t Theatre brought their mix of humour, songs and employment-related hula hooping to the New Wolsey Studio last night. IP1’s Patrick Scott signs on for the review…

Being unemployed sucks. You know it, and Sh!t Theatre know it too, which is why they’re here to help. Admittedly, their help is getting you to clear up after them as part of their ‘work placement’ scheme, but it’s a start.

Sh!t Theatre’s JSA, in the wrong hands, could quite easily come across as a series of lectures of the state of unemployment today, but what makes it work is the confidence and delivery of Becca and Louise. Their tales of heart-break, aspirations and job seeking are as entertaining as they are informative, the use of props and (really quite impressive) hula-hooping skills providing simple and effective metaphors to the submerged feeling that they, and many others, have felt on the dole.

Not that it’s all just talk- there’s a handful of musical numbers, ranging from a general election musical point system to the Burka song that’s not going to be played because it’s offensive (but they’re happy to show you what it would sound like if they did). All of this seams together perfectly and the result is a hugely entertaining show, whether you’re happily employed or living off Pop Tarts.


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