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Her eyes appeared a shockingly distant, beautifully bright, meaningfully perfect blue. Her thick, inky black lashes shadowed effectively over them as if to protect such innocent beings.  She stared bravely ahead, a fierce yet anxious frown creasing her forehead, her eyebrows held in an unsettling manner. Her glossy, intense lips were pursed tightly together; her porcelain skin on her chiselled cheeks was undisturbed, desired. Her rich, golden hair tumbled effortlessly below her elegant shoulders. Her face was all but welcoming, her striking features sent a sharp chill of jealousy and un-ease down your spine, and the distressed look painted upon her face was a clear warning. A danger.


1 Howard | on 06 February 2009

Louisa, your work is really very good for someone aged 14 (hope you don’t mind me saying that). So much imagery and none of it cliched.

2 hcf(: | on 08 February 2009

Louisa! (: i told you.
and this is awesome! good work baby x

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