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REVIEW: UCS Art & Design Degree Show!

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REVIEW: UCS Art & Design Degree Show!

When I visited UCS’ Art & Design Degree Show last year, I was a shy kid with my first blog to write and no idea what I was doing. After one year at IP1zine, I still don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m a lot more confident about it. Last year’s show was brilliant, so it was great to be invited this year and find out if the newest graduates’ work was as good as their predecessors. And they don’t disappoint. Now, I don’t know about art, but I know what I like – and I liked this show quite a lot!

There’s a diverse range of art on display. Stunning art installations, like Michelle Bowden’s beautiful Form of Thought

and Heather Brook’s fairytale-inspired If The Shoe Fits.

Canvases, like Petronella Dostalovà’s unique collages –

and Hannah Bottomley’s vibrant landscapes.

But it’s not just the Fine Art graduates showcasing their work at the Degree show – there’s also work on display by Computer Games Design, English, Film and Media, Graphic Design, Interior Design and Photography graduates. There’s anything and everything, from poetry to films to models to calendars.

Again, the Computer Games Design graduates had a really fun, interactive room.

(You have no idea how intensely competitive this game was. It was riveting.)

Going to the private viewing and listening to what the graduates have to say about their work really gave me a picture of their inspirations and their aims – an opportunity you don’t get at many exhibitions. Amy Sage uses performance to explore the broad concepts of human behaviour, gender and language.

Meanwhile, Sarah Garnham’s art is influenced by the works of Jo Spence, and is based around her experiences with type 1 diabetes. Fragmentation is a deeply personal piece reflecting her fear of becoming blind.

Likewise, many of the Photography graduates have used their work for personal exploration, with the Suffolk countryside featuring in many pieces, and some fascinating documentaries about the local area featured in the work of Film and Media students.

While the work on display is exciting and innovative, the best thing about the UCS Art & Design Degree Show is the atmosphere. It’s warm and relaxed, and you really get the feeling that anyone could walk in and enjoy themselves – even if they know nothing about art. Visiting the show makes you realise the quantity and quality of young creative talent in Suffolk – and it’s very clear that UCS’s graduates will have a great impact on creative industries.

Words and Images: Daisy Jones


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