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REVIEW: National Theatre Live presents Frankenstein @ Ipswich Film Theatre!

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REVIEW: National Theatre Live presents Frankenstein @ Ipswich Film Theatre!

Danny Boyle’s terrific adaptation of Frankenstein returned to the IFT this week as part of the National Theatre’s new live screening series. Patrick Scott reviews…

Although he’s currently being talked about for turning this year’s Olympics ceremony into the world’s biggest farm, 2011 saw Danny Boyle gain universal acclaim for his take on the classic Frankenstein story. This summer, it’s back by popular demand at the IFT, and serves as a reminder that our country’s theatre is always brilliant, even if our sporting efforts normally aren’t.

Naturally, much of the show’s success is the result of Boyle’s direction, which emphasises the story’s many darker aspects and demonstrates the long-lasting relevance of Mary Shelley’s novel. Plus the performances are fantastic – the ‘creature’s’ eventual fate is made all the more harrowing by Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal, and the play’s best scenes are those that focus on the conflict between him and Johnny Lee Miller’s Victor Frankenstein.

The idea of theatre performances being screened across the world still feels like a bit of a novelty, and therefore I expected that seeing Frankenstein in a cinema wouldn’t live up to the full experience. But it turns out that the idea is executed so well, and the show itself is so good, that this doesn’t matter at all.

Frankenstein will be back for a second screening at the IFT on the 26th of July. Book tickets now!


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