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Travel Writing - California

An attempt to write a non-fiction travel piece for English Lit. Perhaps it’s a little too magical and not very journalistic.

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Travel Writing - California

Hop off of the plane and encounter the wall of fire. We’re definitely not in England anymore, Toto.
As my eyes automatically give the colours of the landscape a chrome hue, the cruel breeze greets me and exits, leaving a hot and sticky duvet of perspiration on my bare arms and legs. As I depart the bleached airport, I am welcomed into the bosom of Los Angeles. Her arms chockerblock with jewels and Oscars and famous faces.
The American twang envelopes me; stereotypical teenager conversations and an overuse of the word ‘like’ creates an irresistible desire to evolve into aristocratic friends of the Queen. “You’re from England?! Do you know the Queen?!” Of course. We’re the best of friends.
Moments after unpacking, we set off on another adventure. Our destination? The Happiest Place on Earth.
Yeah, if happy consisted of puke-filled bins, unnaturally upside-down rides and grown men dressed as cartoon characters. Personally, the thought of a six year old hugging a man in a loin cloth seems rather inappropriate at the best of times and besides, those people scare me. Clutching my newly-won purple chimpanzee, we reunite as a family, my cousin blubbering at the prospect of not being tall enough for a trip around Mickey Mouse’s head.


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