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The Coming Storm @ New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, Nov 2!

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The Coming Storm @ New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, Nov 2!

In this new work international innovators Forced Entertainment tangle and cross-cut multiple stories to make a compelling and unstable performance. From love and death to sex and laundry, from shipwrecks to falling snow, personal anecdotes rub shoulders with imaginary movies, and half- remembered novels bump into distorted fairytales.

Using a method as inventive as it is absurd, six performers create, collaborate, ambush and disrupt this epic saga that is resolutely too big for the stage. The result is comical, contradictory and poignant. Under the artistic direction of Tim Etchells, The Coming Storm is Forced Entertainment at its best – trademark black humour, a collage of arresting images and an anarchic performance style.

Since forming the company in 1984, the six core members of the group have sustained a unique artistic partnership for over a quarter of a century, confirming their position as trailblazers in contemporary theatre. The company’s substantial canon of work reflects an interest in the mechanics of performance, the role of the audience and the machinations of contemporary urban life. The work – framed and focused by Artistic Director Tim Etchells – is distinctive and provocative, delighting in disrupting the conventions of theatre and the expectations of audiences.

Forced Entertainment’s trademark collaborative process – devising work as a group through improvisation, experimentation and debate – has made them pioneers of British avant-garde theatre and earned them an international reputation.

“Shockingly Brilliant” The Guardian

Date and time: 2 November, 7pm

Tickets: £8.50 – £15, Also part of SPILL pass delas, call 01473 295900 for info


Image: Hugo Glendinning


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