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My Grain Migrates

I wrote this after my first ‘real’ migraine. I was on holiday in the Whitby area this summer 2012; specifically, walking around the so-called Robin Hood’s Bay. I felt dizzy, and then I saw squiggly lines across my eyes. The pain migrated from my forehead to my eyes and to the back of my head. It went wherever it felt like going. Fortunately I was with my parents, who guided me back to our clifftop hotel in Whitby, but around every street corner I wanted to vomit.

After a nice rest I wrote down the pain I had felt that day. It was an awful thing to happen, especially since I had been enjoying myself. I wanted to share this poem to make you aware that it can happen to anyone of any age at any time, and it could be for a number of reasons. Now that I know what it feels like, I shall be less scared and more ‘I have got to rest’ in the future…

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My Grain Migrates

Reappear; my eyes,
Cold and sweat and dark
Like the coalman’s feet which
Appear on the clean sheet.

A stain which migrates around
My eye, migrates around my
Nose, migrates around my
Forehead; it is an awful pain.

It is there and I see it. I am at
Cliff-Top edge and I see nothing
Apart from the pattern in my eyes
Which won’t go away and

Why does it annoy me so much that
I start to burn, because I feel the fire
That starts to remove my legs from my
Body and pursues the rest of my body

Until pain is everywhere and I feel
Everything burning… like my house
Is on fire, but instead it is me, my body
And I. Just for a second I wish it wasn’t.


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