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A City Scene

From a recent visit to Nottingham.

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A City Scene

Losing sight of what my eyes perceive I wander. Nothing shifts. It has already gone. And I fail to attach meaning to the darkness within a blink that I previously explored.


Ahead of me a body of fog expands like a subtle storm. As if the ferocity of it’s expansion were slowed and somehow contained. Buildings became glazed over, disguising their meeting with the air around them. Though the transforming figures of whitish-grey have blemishes. You can almost see past it all…

The sky taints it’s ascent blurring the possibility of it’s existence. Turning to bow it forms a disproportionate “V” like a thumb drifting from it’s index finger.

It is not fear I feel. I am numb and so spoiled. I cannot tell if I still wander or am lingering – suspended and slightly swaying.

The brick pavement acquires a fine layer of mysticism. A juvenile stream kisses and curls, hides momentarily in the crevices between bricks, then is ousted to escape being found. Fed by but oblivious to the larger force above.

Yet all along there is silence. A pale complexion. I have seen footsteps but hear none. I have seen faces but it is like I do not see them now, like they are overwhelmed with transparency. I am there but no one sees me. Then I realize there is no real movement. It is freezing. But my mind is still projecting. I am still. Wandering.


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