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Issue 44 - Out Now!!

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Issue 44 - Out Now!!

It’s mid November ladies and gents, so that can mean only one thing - the brand spanking new issue of IP1 magazine, hitting up a town near you!

This issue we delve into the minds of some of Suffolk’s most forward thinking entrepreneurs - those who have successfully created a brand for themselves in their own creative market - and how they keep their followers happy.

We catch up with multiple Manningtree rockers Dingus Khan on the road to fame and fortune, and Stowmarket based artist Della Reed, who creates on trend and over-sized brocade jewellery.

Tuck Bannigan is back and looking to redeem himself after the embarrassment of his last escapade, and he’s not the only thing making a comeback - vinyl is too. (Those extra large CD things, remember?)

Pick up a copy in town, or have a read online - right now.


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