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Quick chat with… nonsuchdjs!

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Quick chat with… nonsuchdjs!

Hi nonsuchdjs! How would you describe your nights?

A bit of a journey. Musically, a track that is 30 years old can be played alongside an unreleased demo. Our aim is to ensure that people go home smiling, having heard some tracks that they love, and hopefully some new stuff that they will grow to love.

What’s the best thing about putting on your own nights?

Feeling the positivity of a venue full of people enjoying the music that you are choosing to play. It still gives us the best buzz ever.

And the worst thing?

We’re not renowned for playing chart music, so I guess it would be people asking for Tulisa or something.

If you were forced to choose, what one track could you not live without?

Right now I think we would both be uncomfortable if we didn’t have Julio Bashmore’s Ensnare with us. It’s a monster of a tune.

Any future gigs we should keep an eye out for?

We’re finalising a date between Christmas and New Year and we should be back bi-monthly after that.

You can listen to nonsuchdjs on the radio every other Wednesday online at Purple Radio from 8pm.

Twitter: @nonsuchdjs


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