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Polymorphic Code

Genre- Electronic, Djent, Dubstep

Standout track(s)- Warp Gate Exploit, Bouncing Dot, Logic Bomb

Vist James Donaldson's Profile

Polymorphic Code

The Algorithm:

Both electronic and metal are known for their complex subgenres, and equally confusing and fickle fans. A fusion of the two was always inevitable due to the sporadic movement of experimental music over the last decade; however I can honestly say I’ve never heard a half decent version. Until The Algorithm.

With a name so apt, the first track ‘Handshake’ sounds like a complex fusion of Trance and Dub, with groovy djent undertones meeting and shaking the barriers of genre divides.

The brutality of Bouncing Dot is reminiscent of Messugah, done with such technical accuracy that if it were not for the snaking synth lines, you would believe that this was recorded by a band at the forefront of the Mathcore movement. It is in fact one man Remi Gallegeo, who shows such raw talent consistently throughout the whole of Polymorhic Code; you will be in awe of what this man can create. As if the polymerisation of these two genres were not enough, there are occasional reggae beatdowns and euphoric trance sections that make the entirety of Polymorphic Code an experience all music lovers have to go through; whether they like it or not (similar to puberty).

I only have two gripes with this album, the first being some of the changes between song sections. Although creating something truly original, it’s something we’ve all heard before, making for an almost ‘cut and paste’ feel when two unrelated genres are forced together, with little attempt to intermix them. Secondly is the actual structure of the songs themselves. With exception to the tempo of the tracks; they all seem to have an all out metal/electronic onslaught, followed by an electronic interlude which builds up to a big finale. I understand that this is electronic music, it’s intrinsically repetitive, however with an album released on Basick records, it’s obviously aimed at progressive metal fans who I feel would ask a lot more from this album.

This is The Algorithm’s debut album, and it’s obvious he’s still looking for the sound he hears in his head. Maybe he’ll find it maybe he won’t, all we can do it wait for Gallego to nail it and hear the finished product. In the meantime listen to the algorithm of his future release.

James Donaldson


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