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Marlborough Road

This photograph (if you want to call it that) is a response to the Victorian houses of Marlborough Road in Ipswich.

I walk this road on my way to uni. Most houses have a name plaque, 35 in all, they are listed below. (One was covered by ivy so it is unfortunately not included; I might knock on their door and ask them what their house is called!)

The style of this ‘photograph’ was taken from Idris Khan (digital layering of found images/texts) and from Landlands and Bell (digital layering of airport codes).

The idea of this work is to show a portrait of the houses on Marlborough Road. Each name is equally shown; no one name has more opacity than the others. Go ahead, try and read the names. What can you see?

If you want to cheat, see below!

List of house names in alphabetical order:
Ardath, Argyle, Balmoral, Belgrave, Blliscombe, Branksome, Calgarth, Carlton, Chelsea, Cherryholme, Cliftonville, Eastwell, Elmcroft, Grassmere, Hazelcroft, Inverness, Linden Merlewood, Nayland, Oaklea, Olivedene, Pembroke, Radley, Ribblesdale, Rockmount, Rozel, Rudyard, Shirley, St Elmo, St Malo, Strathmore, Sunnydale and Vernon.

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Marlborough Road


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