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Ambition was made in the space of an evening for a short film competition being run by

The theme was ambition and I had very little time to be completely “clever” with the subject and so I simply attacked it head on. The idea is based on a human containing both water and electricity (elements that shouldn’t work together) and how their ambition and purpose are different to one another. I’ve always had problems with ambition as my mind changes so often with it. So this idea of electricity and water co-exisiting in the same space without being dangerous came to mind. Both with different paths which then leads to the container, the human, having trouble making up its mind about its ambition in life. Almost like the water and electricity in myself are to blame for my constant change of heart.

Filmed on a Canon 600D + 50mm F1.8 + 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 (kit)

Written, Performed, Directed & Edited by Simon Banthorpe

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