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Laser Tag

Using a lasers to draw on a wall!

Exhibited at The Curious Show, Ipswich, 19th-26th April 2008, Curiosity Collective

Laser Tag software from Graffiti Research Lab

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Laser Tag


1 Howard | on 11 September 2008

Having used The Laser Tag myself, I must state that it is not as accurate as it looks. I suspect that the little girl in the photograph actually meant to draw a picture of a bicycle, NOT her dad’s face.

2 lozz berry | on 24 October 2008

i want a go! i love gadgets, and drawing bicicles that look like faces :D

3 Sophiee | on 15 November 2008

lol! you can’t see her dad’s face- for all you know it may look like a bicycle!

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