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The Sun, The Moon and The Face in the Sky

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The Sun, The Moon and The Face in the Sky

The sun told me to ‘look out and all around!’
‘Make it mean something’ I was told by the moon
The face in the sky shouted to me ‘Let it be what you need, not what you think you want.’

So I sat, sunk deep in the grass, fell back, played dot to dot with the stars in the skies above
A plane flew over, dropping down rainbow coloured bombs, todays papers attached to each one

Cut up headlines.

The word LOVE thats what my aerials picked up from the satilite above.

The sun bleed a tear, the moon held back a sneer, the face in the sky began to dissapear.

‘There.’ Said the creator of it all, ‘Thank God for that.’

And that was that.


1 Howard | on 04 March 2009

I really love this, Abram. Short and perfect.

2 m.e.g. | on 31 March 2009

i really like your writing in this smile vacany was nice but felt unsettled? but in this and vacancy you have an eye for poignant lines- the sun bleed a tear..

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