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A love story in the form of a poem, and a true story, at that… nearly. smile

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It was what they had always dreamed of,
a feeling, painted. Untouchable.
Nobody could break it
the surface could not even be tainted. Solid. Strong.

He had followed her to hell,
to the dark depths of desperation,
he had been there for the lows, the highs.
She pushed him.
Dared him, a little bit more, tested. Tricked him, time after time.
Still, he persisted.

To her
he was strictly off limits.
To him
she was the shape of things to come.
To her
he was the one that got away
he stayed in her mind; resonated. Nobody compared to him.

She coasted on the brink of life, alone, wondering, wondering
always wondering where he was, what he was doing.
Until, one day, she could stand it no more-
she packed her bags and moved to the coast
and she coasted
coasted along the brink of life
with his hand in hers.
It was what they had always dreamed of.

A feeling, painted. Untouchable.


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