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1 Sophiee | on 09 March 2009

lol, the familiarity of the base tune makes it so much more awesome! Definately an improvement :D

2 Howard | on 12 March 2009

yeah this is cool, i love it. i can’t wait for SUMMER!!!

3 Sophiee | on 13 March 2009

Summer? Any particular reason?

4 Howard | on 15 March 2009

I think its cos i associate summer with parties and music like this - big anthems that everyone goes nuts too!

5 Sophiee | on 15 March 2009

It is quite a light summery tune as well somehow.
ah yeah, bring on summer! ^^

6 Ian David | on 26 March 2009

Sounds alot like the theme from Lord of the Rings…

is that just me?

7 Ian David | on 26 March 2009

Ah… its all in the title… I’m so amazingly blonde

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