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Interview with the Suffolk Film Festivals head of PR

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Interview with the Suffolk Film Festivals head of PR

Interview with the Suffolk Film Festivals head of PR and Marketing Charlotte Beckett.

1. Firstly tell us a bit about the SFF (Suffolk Film Festival):

The Suffolk Film Festival is completely new and running for the first time this year it’s all about keeping culture alive in Suffolk and voicing the message that you don’t have to be professional film maker to make film. The festival is designed to really get people of all ages excited about not only the big screen but what is done behind the cameras … We are really highlighting independent film this year, and it’s something we can’t wait to showcase!

2. What has been the biggest challenge in getting the SFF up and running?

The biggest challenge would defiantly be getting the message out. I mean this year we’ve created the festival without a budget, which has been incredibly hard. But without a budget it means that marketing has been fairly difficult. That’s where next year’s festival will differ as we already have some financial backing for 2014.

3. What makes the SFF different from other film festivals?

I work with a very unique team; I work alongside a group of students as well as teachers and many others. To me, I believe that working with the younger generation is very important, you get fresh ideas, ones that are new and vibrant which have proven to attract a lot of people. Also I think Suffolk has a lot to do with the unique quality of the festival. You don’t really get many places like Suffolk, it’s full of talent that hasn’t really had the chance to shine and that’s exactly what the festival is presently harnessing. Oh and of course there are our plans for next year…But I can’t reveal that just yet I’m afraid!

4. What is the most challenging part of being the head of PR and marketing?

Like I said before budgeting and marketing are very important and without one you can’t really have the other.  I think the other challenging part is probably setting a profile to everyone, establishing a first time event can be tricky, but I’ve been lucky enough to not had any major setbacks and have indeed got celebrity interest for next year.

5. What was the last film/video you watched?

The last film I watched…If I remember rightly it was The Hobbit at a get together up in London. It’s got to be a favourite of mine, a fantastic film I must say!

6. Communication is an essential part of PR, which is best; Apple or Android?

I have worked with both android and Apple devices and found them equally as useful. But as I travel so much between London and Suffolk I often work from my iPhone, so I think I may have to say Apple.

7. If you could invite a VIP to the opening night, who would it be?

Now that’s a fantastic yet hard question. There are so many talented people that we would be honored to have but I think in terms of acting I think I’d choose Helena Bonham Carter and either director Martin Scorsese or Quentin Tarantino.

8. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about submitting for the next SFF?

My advice for anyone submitting next year would be to feel confident with your work. Don’t be shy with it, if you have any idea put everything you have into it. If I were you, I would focus on the details of my film, take your time and don’t rush it. It may be a very long process but the longer you spend on it, the better it will be.

9. Are there any of the 2013 nominations that have caught your eye?

Most defiantly! We’ve had over 400 to sort through but there has been a couple which have really made me pause and think about it long after I had watched it. I can’t actually give the names away as I’m not a part of the shortlisting process. But there is some serious competition which those who will be attending the screenings will see.

10. What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt from being head of PR?

One of the most important things I’ve learnt from being head of PR is that it is an intense process.  Being a part of a team is brilliant but it can sometimes all boil down to an individual and it can be very fast paced so you do have to keep up. But I think I’ve realised from my position that keeping creative is very important… creativity is a must.

Lately I’ve had to get in contact with numerous actors and actresses in London and keeping organised and creative has really had an impact in terms of getting them involved, which has had not only a huge influence on my role and work but also the festival and its content.

11. Plans for the future of the SFF?

Our plans for the Suffolk Film Festival in the future are very different in comparison to this year’s. Without giving too much away we really want to bring culture to Suffolk. We’re hoping to get more celebrity involvement and give people a few surprises along the way. But the main focus is for it to be bigger and better and to celebrate local and well as international talent…You’ll just have to come and see for yourselves!

For more information:
Twitter: @SuffolkFilmFest


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