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Tony the Mow

This is a joke about someone me and my mate made up. Sailors is what we call anyone who is “a farkin rum ol’ boi” in Suffolk parlance.

I hope you like it, I don’t care if you don’t.

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Tony the Mow

I have a friend called tony mow - tana
Born and bred in the slums of Havana
He aint no fucking joker
He don’t look nothing like heath ledger
But they say hes rum
Hes not
Hes fucking sailors mate
hes a hard arse bastard, a mean gangster
his father came from Doncaster
his mum was a Cuban dancer
his dad used to sing frank Sinatra
I dont think hes rum
Hes not
Hes fucking sailors mate
Kicked out of cuba by castro the traitor
Hes gone and run off with the translator
Making cuba libres as a bartender
Selling drugs to anyone in the old quarter
But he aint rum
Hes fucking sailors mate
Tony the mow
Hes fucking sailors
Fucking sailors
Tony the mow
Is fucking sailors mate


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