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Interview with The Farthings

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Interview with The Farthings

The Farthings are a country / folk inspired band from Suffolk I caught up with them to find out more.

1.    Firstly, who are The Farthings?

The Farthings are siblings Hannah, 19,  Matt, 17, Peter, 15, and Sarah Farthing, 12. We are a country / folk inspired band from Suffolk!

2.    Are you currently signed? If no who would you like to be signed to, or would you prefer to stay independent?

H: We are happily independent but keeping our options open. If the right offer came our way, then we would certainly think about signing with a label. I like a few artists signed to Columbia Records; John Mayer, Adele, Joy Williams (of the Civil Wars), so that could be good!
S: Big Machine Records (home to Taylor Swift)? They have a cool logo!

3.    What inspires your music?

S: Life!
H: Yes…everything we listen to, watch, read, experience - it all influences how our music sounds and the subject matter of the lyrics. I admire the English artists in these genres breaking into the mainstream like Gabrielle Aplin and The Staves. As the songwriter of the band, I have an influence over how our music sounds while others are more orchestrated. We build the band arrangement from me and my guitar adding Matt’s drums, Peter’s bass and Sarah’s guitar. It’s a great process!
M: Going to see music played live inspires me a lot, whether it is Classical, Rock or Country.
P: Aerosmith and Bon Jovi inspire me as they were the first two bands I listened to that inspired me to play music.

4. Like most humans you have a Twitter page. Write a hash tag you’d like to trend on Twitter.

H: #tennessee a song from the new EP, and the spiritual home of country music!
M: #countrymusiciswhereitsat
P: #FarthingsFTW
S: #shareacokewithSarah

5. Where would you most like to perform?

H: I would have to say Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Colorado, USA. Playing on the moon could be interesting… Again, great views all round!
M: The Great Wall Of China could be amazing.
P: The Sydney Opera House.
S: Buckingham Palace would be pretty awesome!

6.  Invent a new musical instrument

H: An ocean drum. A drum that you swirl the beater around and it sounds like the ocean!

M: Electric Bongos.
P: A ‘Viano’, a piano where you hit a key and a violin bow plays the string instead of the conventional hammers!
S: The Diddidoodoo, a stringed flute….

7. You’re allowed to borrow Dr Who’s Tardis for 24 hours, where would you go/what would you see?

H: I’d take it back to the start of time, and the creation of the universe. I think those two moments would be magnificent and
M: Finland, to see the Aurora Borealis.
P: I’d like to go 100 years in the future and see how life and music have evolved.
S: 1960s, flower power!


8.  You all get together to do a skydive, who would scream the most?

H: It would be a tie between Matthew, Sarah and I.
M: Sarah.
P: Sarah.
S: Matthew.

9.  Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift with?

H: Monet and Debussy, we could talk about art and music - two of my favourite things!
M: Lang Lang, the incredible Chinese pianist.
P: Dragonetti, Beethoven’s double bassist, and also a composer for double bass.
S: Adam Levine from Maroon 5!!

10.  What is next for The Farthings?

S: Worldwide tour!!!!
M: Yes!
H: Haha, maybe someday not too far away…! But at the moment we are finishing our first EP for release soon. Look out for it on iTunes and physical copies at shows in the future, and until then join us on:  and Twitter @the_farthings, and watch us on !!!


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