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DIY website for Suffolk arts and culture!

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DIY website for Suffolk arts and culture!

IP1zine is a community arts and culture website which allows users to post content on the site for free.

No need for us to do it – it’s a DIY website!

So if you want to promote an event, tell everyone about a great new venue or artist or even want to advertise your business – go ahead! Clearly, we don’t want you posting spam and we’ll ban you from the site if you do (ha ha!). As long as you use it for what the site was intended for – to promote local arts and culture – then you can post what you like, as often as you like!

Here’s how you post content on our website for free

1) Log in (you must be a registered user)

2) Click ‘Manage - Upload Media’ at the top of the page

3) Choose ‘Upload Blog’ from the dropdown menu

4) Create your blog on any subject you like. Give your blog a title and don’t forget to upload an image

5) Submit your blog, which will automatically go live on the homepage

6) Sit back and admire your handiwork

7) Don’t forget to share your content on Facebook, Twitter etc


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