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Wished - Levitation

Wished aka Michael Adams is an electronic artist with a great future his tracks are an inspiration guiding you through beautiful moments in time and small random happenings. Michael was born and raised in Fort Collins, moving to Colorado Arizona in 8th grade, where his passion for production began. First getting hooked on Garageband then moving swiftly on to Logic Pro which he has now been using it for over 7 years and intends to continue using it for the foreseeable future.

He claims to only create what he wants to create saying âI’ll find a really great sample and go from there… I make the music for myself honestly. I create because I want to hear a song that sounds just like it, and then I share it with the world and hope they’ll like it. I don’t really have just one style, and I plan on keeping it that wayâ¦.â

His biggest idol is Steve Ellison (Flying Lotus) and it really shows his own attention to details in the production and of zen-ness which flows through all of his tracks but also influences from other artists such as the Chemical Brothers, Dorian Concept, Pogo, and E-40 can be heard to those that really listen.

The whole EP -Wished - Mysterious Emotions is available for Download FREE from Housefly Records

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