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The Bloggerview - Emily Divine

An interview with popular, Suffolk-based fashion and lifestyle blogger, Emily Divine.

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The Bloggerview - Emily Divine

  East coast blogger and indie queen, Emily, is always pictured with a perfect red lip, toting quirky, whimsical accessories and, more often than not, clutching a cute, fluffy animal. She uploads to YouTube and has social networking down to a tee with Facebook and Twitter, but what else do we know about the Suffolk-based Emily Divine that we haven’t seen from her blog?

1. First off, you always have perfect hair! Can you recommend any products to help us tame our manes?

  I did chuckle at this – I get cross at my hair on a daily basis for not doing as I’d like it to! My hair receives very little maintenance, I normally just give it a spray of dry shampoo and a brush and that’s about it!

2. You definitely have a unique style, with your love of vintage and indie brands - what’s your inspiration for your outfit choices?

  That’s kind of you to say. I don’t pay much attention to trends - Quite simply, I wear what I like and what takes my fancy that very day. I think it’s best to always dress for yourself and yourself only, that way you’re always comfortable and happy!

3. Do you follow designer fashion? And if so, who are your favourite designers?

My favourite designer by far is Orla Kiely. All the pieces are completely 60’s inspired, just how I like it.

4. Earlier this year you did a shoot with Mod Dolly, an online stockist of alternative fashion brands. Are there any indie labels that you’re a fan of?

  Absolutely! I adore indie brands. Mod Dolly, Miss Patina and Beauxoxo are just a few of many favourites.

5. Some bloggers say that living outside London is difficult, as there aren’t as many opportunities; however, your recent photoshoot with high street giant, Miss Selfridge, shows you’re bridging the gap between rural and metropolitan life. Any tips for bloggers living outside cities?

  I truly don’t think it matters a huge amount – you just have to make it work for you. I rarely attend events or go to press shows because of the travel involved, but as I’ve built up good relationships with many PR companies, they email or post me bits and bobs so I stay up to date that way. Opportunities come your way because of the quality of your blog, rather than where you live, remember!

6. Your blog has lots of stunning photographs of nature and urban life in your area, but you don’t specifically mention where you live. What’re your thoughts on keeping your privacy in the increasingly invasive world of the internet?

  As you said, the internet is hugely invasive! Having a blog means you put yourself out there for all to see, but I think it’s important to hold some things back. It’s not that I keep where I live a secret, if someone asked I’d tell them – I just don’t publicise it. I’ve mentioned on my blog that I live in a town in Suffolk and that’s about as much as I say – it’s not important for people to know exactly where I live. People see me out and about all the time and come and chat which I love though!

7. Us bloggers are always looking for ways to take a better picture. The photos on Emily Divine are great quality, and have warm, homely feel about them - what model of camera do you use? And do you have any advice on taking the perfect shot?

  I use a Canon 600d with a variety of lenses. I don’t think a ‘pro’ camera is particularly important though when it comes to blogging, it’s all in the editing. My photos don’t come to life ‘til they’ve been given the Photoshop treatment.

8. What’re your favourite things to do when you’re not blogging?

  I love being outdoors and exploring – going for walks, visiting new places and going for cups of tea. I also really like going to see any sort of world cinema. Outside of blogging, I hate being online and I hate shopping. Strange huh? I guess being online and fashion is work for me, so it’s nice to completely switch off.


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