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David Garlick’s ‘Have Faith’ makes Mercury Theatre debut

David Garlick’s original play, ‘Have Faith’ will be shown at The Mercury Theatre Studio this Saturday evening and is part of the Renegade evening, ‘Voices In The Dark’. For other pieces of originally theatre will take place and tickets are £5

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David Garlick’s ‘Have Faith’ makes Mercury Theatre debut

He’s performed on some of the most prestigious West End and Broadway stages, but it’s Colchester’s very own Mercury Theatre Studio that will now play host to David Garlicks latest theatrical endeavour, ‘Have Faith’.

Although only recently obtaining a 1st class Essex University degree in Drama, multi-talented David has strived to take the term ‘have one’s fingers in many pies’ to a whole new level since graduating. Currently in the middle of writing both a new album for his band, The Lowriders and a film with local movie-maker Ronnie Thompson, it’s hard to envision where he finds the time to write and rehearse a play. But David insists his dialectic driven creation will be more than ready by the time it’s due to grace the Mercury’s Studio this Saturday night. He says: ‘‘it’s been difficult finding the time and space to rehearse but the play is starting to take shape and we’re looking forward to performing it.’’ David also believes because he has written the piece and also plays lead character Michael, he is twice as inclined to ensure it’s a success at the Mercury Theatre.

Directed by Clacton County High School Drama teacher Sarah Cooper, the play is inspired by two true stories and unravels over the course of an episodic 48-hour period. Subsequently caused by helplessly witnessing the murder of his wife Faith (played by Anouska Jarritt) during a burglary two years prior, the audience is brought in just as the sheer extent of Michaels paranoia fuelled demise, slowly begins to climax to a dramatic Shakespeare-esque twist. And just like the fantastic British playwright, Garlick also has a taste for tragedy. ‘‘Tragedy interests me, so I wanted to create a piece that shocked and impacted the audience’ he said. ‘If you’re going to be brutal, then be extremely brutal. However, that makes it such an emotionally difficult play to do.’

The play then soon became a family affair with David’s daughter, Molly being cast in the supporting role. She says: ‘‘Playing Michaels daughter, Tiffany, was a little bizarre as I had never really acted with my Dad before, but it did mean there was an instant chemistry which made everything easier.’’

Hosted by the very local theatre company that gave ‘Have Faith’ its first platform in the Summer, the Renegade evening, ‘Voices In The Dark’ will also showcase four other pieces of original theatre - something David believes more local people should be creating. He says: ‘‘I definitely think more local creative people should produce more plays. But where would they put them on? That’s why Gari Jones’s Renegade offers that opportunity - it gives new writing a forum.’’

The Voices In The Dark evening takes place this Saturday at the Mercury Theatre Studio from 9.30pm. Tickets can be bought for £5.


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