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Pettafiesta Songwriting Competition 2014!

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Pettafiesta Songwriting Competition 2014!

For those of you that don’t know about Pettafiesta, it’s a DIY arts festival held over two days in the remote village of Pettaugh in Suffolk. The festival is put together by the Corrigan family with a lot of help from family and friends (this could constitute the entire neighbourhood what with the village home to a little over 200 inhabitants!)

It’s been running for a few years, and each year gets a little bit bigger and better – the next Pettafiesta will be on July 4-6, 2014, so tattoo the date on your arm or something so that you don’t forget about it…

Anyway, telling you about the festival is not the sole purpose of this blog; it’s to highlight a new songwriting competition that the organisers of Pettafiesta have decided to launch, which we think is really great:

“We’ve thought for a long time that it would be the perfect place to have a songwriting camp, where writers work with other writers to inspire each other into writing amazing songs,” explain the Corrigans. “Music publishers run them all the time for writers signed to them and we thought we would run one here for 16-24 year olds who don’t have access to other songwriting camps.

“So we’re running a competition with entries needing to be submitted by the end of March, a live final in Ipswich on May 2 at Cult Cafe, and then running a songwriting camp here on May 29 and 30. We may even have a mini gig on May 30 for friends and families to listen to the fruits of their loved ones’ labours. Either way, the website will be updated to give you a full run down on events so stay tuned / sign up etc.

“Oh and did we mention we are having a festival on July 4-6? Maybe some of the songwriters will perform some of their new songs if we ask them nicely…”

We expect they would be more than happy to play the festvial. In fact, that could be you, right?

We’ve posted details of the Pettafiesta songwriting competition in the WorkSpace section of our site, so take a look, enter and good luck!

pettafiesta songwritign competition 2014 suffolk


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