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Battle Of The Bandz 2014, Ipswich!

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Battle Of The Bandz 2014, Ipswich!

Battle Of The Bandz kicks off on March 28 at Manor Ballroom, Ipswich.

Four Bands will be performing full 20-30 minute sets.

Judging will be done by you, the public, who can vote online for your favourite original performance from each band.

All videos of the performances for voting will be available on the Battle of the Bandz website.

But there is a twist! Secret judges will be in the crowd watching the bands and judging and scoring on these criteria:

1. Delivery and Timing
2. Performance
3. Crowd Reaction
4. Originality
5. Musical Skills

Using the above criteria, the highest-scoring original performance filmed for each band will be put online for the public to vote on.

Prizes for the winning band at the final include:

1. Free professional studio time to record at least one demo track
2. Cover design and promo photos for the track
3. A music video for the track
4. Online promotion of the video via our various networks
5. Paid performance sets at later autumn/winter gigs

This is set to be the premier event showcasing local bands giving them an opportunity not only to perform but also receive maximum exposure from the online and physical promo activities of the event which is all done by EzeMedia, a local organisation set up to push local talent in the urban music scene, who are now expanding into all genres of music.


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