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Free website publishing training for IP1 users!

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Free website publishing training for IP1 users!

IP1 is now offering free web publishing training for all its users, covering the basics of how to produce and publish good quality digital content for the benefit of everyone who visits our wonderful website.

IP1 is a self-publishing platform for local young people in Suffolk. Our website is unique, in that it allows YOU to publish content directly to the homepage, giving you the power to spread the word about local arts, culture and lifestyle to a wider local audience.

As part of our mission to constantly innovate the way that media operates in Suffolk, we will be providing the community with free access to training materials to help our users produce better and more effective web content to publish on our website.

Look out for new training materials that will be published on the site over the next few months.

Viva la DIY publishers, and long live IP1!



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