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Scratch Day, Pulse festival, Ipswich, May 31!

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Scratch Day, Pulse festival, Ipswich, May 31!

Scratch Day can only be described as a bargain at just 15 quid for six Pulse shows. Ask yourselves, theatre-lovers: can you go the distance? Do we hear ‘challenge accepted’ lingering on your lips? If so, here’s your checklist for the day…

  • Firstly, remember to start the day with some Pulse Grub to keep you going. Breakfast is available between 10 and 11am at the New Wolsey Theatre

  • The New Blur Album. A life story told through Blur albums. New Wolsey Studio, 10am

  • Tortoise: Redux and Icon For Ipswich. Two performances: Tortoise: Redux – Three women, one psychiatric ward, one Christmas. Icon For Ipswich – A new type of socio-industrial experiment based in Ipswich! New Wolsey Theatre, 11am

  • Holiday Selfie and Get a Round. Two performances. Holiday Selfie – A comically inspirational journey of selfie escape. Get a Round – Dark, satirical, heart-warming comedy from female performance quartet, Eggs Collective. New Wolsey Theatre, 12.10pm

  • Stowaway. The story of a desperate act for a better life. New Wolsey Studio, 2.30pm

  • Chicken. A quirky and darkly funny new play from Molly Davies. New Wolsey Studio, 3.30pm

  • My Son and Heir. An anarchic celebration of the everyday heroism of parenthood. HEG, 5.30pm

  • For an extra fiver, you can also watch Gym Party. A razor-sharp and darkly comic exploration of our universal desire to win. New Wolsey Theatre, 7.30pm

  • Did we forget to mention The Backseat Of My Car? An interactive storytelling piece for one audience member at a time. It’s about being a teenager and those moments when you’re on the verge of something exciting. There will be opportunities to sign up to viewing slots throughout the day with five performances an hour. It’s also FREE, so you can save your dosh for more Pulse nosh, with jacket potatoes being served from 1pm in the theatre! 

    So, why not set your pulses racing and laugh, cry and question your way through Saturday. Engage with new ideas and be inspired by some of the UK’s most exciting performers.

    Tickets can be bought for each show separately at just £5 each, or again – if you’re up for it – it’s just £15 for all Scratch sessions (that’s half price!)

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