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Salon: Tracing Gestures @ Pacitti Company, Ipswich, June 19!

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Salon: Tracing Gestures @ Pacitti Company, Ipswich, June 19!

How do we connect with our own body to observe, remember and interpret information?

In a new collaboration, theatre designer Mamoru Iriguchi, singer and dancer Richard Court and choreographer Stephanie Schober, search for a common language; attempting to translate movement to drawing and sound and back again.

In this Salon, part of the Think Tank series hosted by Ipswich-based Pacitti Company, the collaborators discuss the discoveries they are making to open up a wider conversation between us all.

Pacitti Company’s Think Tank is located between the Ipswich Museum and Art School Gallery on High Street, and a range of beers and wines will be on sale throughout the evening

Photography: Exeunt Magazine


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