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Ipswich Remixed – Active Design Lab

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Ipswich Remixed – Active Design Lab

Active Design Lab presents Ipswich Remixed, an interactive public art installation digitally embedded across the streets of Ipswich, developed in response to the evolving cultural and urban landscape of the town.

Using a free augmented reality app, your smartphone becomes a lens through which you’ll experience a series of playful digitally enhanced viewpoints along a route from the town centre to the Waterfront.

An interactive map installed in the Pickwick Room at the Town Hall reveals the rationale and the connections made across the town landscape associated with each Ipswich Remixed viewpoint.

During the event, workshops will take place for groups to build on the foundations of the artwork.

Event details
Evening preview: Friday July 4, 6 – 8:30pm
Live from: Saturday July 5 – Friday July 11
Location: Pickwick Room, Ipswich Town Hall



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