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Steps @ Waterfront Gallery, Ipswich, until August 31!

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Steps @ Waterfront Gallery, Ipswich, until August 31!

Steps is a new exhibition by MA Arts Practice students from UCS, which will see a different pair of students curate a show from a selection of each other’s work each week.

There will be five one-week interventions in the Waterfront Gallery, which is open 9am–4pm, with the last show ending on August 31, 2014.

Artists and curators include: Matthew Andrew, Lara Benjamin, Shaun Camp, Keir Downey, Jayne Hammond, Laura Leahy, Anna Southey, Jeremy Young and Kelly Will. See below for each of the five steps:

Step 1: Outside In
June 26 – July 2
Curated by Laura Leahy and Jayne Hammond

Step 2: Merging Environments
July 3 – 9
Curated by Lara Benjamin and Kelly Will

Step 3: Consumption
July 10 – 16
Curated by Keir Downey and Anna Southey

Step 4: Grid
July 17 – 23
Curated by Jeremy Young and Charlie Levine

Step 5: Matthew Andrew and Shaun Camp
July 24 – 31
Curated by Charlie Levine


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