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Interview with Mr Millerchip ahead of PATCHWORK @ Baker & Barista, Ipswich, from August 8!

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Interview with Mr Millerchip ahead of PATCHWORK @ Baker & Barista, Ipswich, from August 8!

Opening this Friday is an exciting display of new colour work by Suffolk illustrator Joel Millerchip (aka Mr Millerchip). Kicking off at 6pm, PATCHWORK will be held at Baker & Barista coffee house in Ipswich (we recommend their milkshakes – but they cater for you caffeine junkies as well)... We caught up with Mr Millerchip to ask him a few questions ahead of the opening night.

What can Ipswichians expect from your new exhibition?
Affordable colour experiments wedged in glass and on fabric based around figures and patterns.

How would you describe your style?
Strong lines and distinctive characters with a slice of dry humour.

You have one pencil and one piece of A4 paper – what do you do?
Write a letter to an art supply shop and and ask for more paper… one drawing is never enough.

(Agreed!) If you could draw on anything, anywhere in the world, where and what would you draw?
I would love to paint over the blue octopus down by the Waterfront in Ipswich. I would cover it with a giant thinking man.

Any particular mark-making tools you tend to use?
Posca pens, inks and acrylic… but I’ve been experimenting with lino printing.


You recently did a spot of live drawing in Ipswich Town Hall as part of Planet Patrol Art Fair – what’s the appeal of live drawing?
It’s the social aspect that attracts me to live drawing. People may love or hate what you’re creating, but they do love to come over and chat about it.

How often do you draw, and how important would you say drawing is to your practice?
Everyday – nonstop. It’s the key element to my practice.

Any advice for creative local yokels?
Get off your arse and make things happen….. DRAW, PAINT AND TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT!!!

Finally, all the best from IP1 for the exhibition. Anything else you’d like to say?
When I first came down to Suffolk in 2005, IP1 gave me an opportunity to make work, help me put a portfolio together and feel confident about the work I was producing. So yes, I would like to say thank you.

Thanks to Mr Millerchip. Good luck with the exhibition from all at IP1!



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